The Fortune's Wheel dramatic tabletop role-playing and story game

Fortune's Wheel is a role-playing and story game based around using Tarot decks to create an extra layer of story beyond anything you can do with dice. It has been designed to enable various different play styles from tradtional role-playing through to referee free and improvised play. It is even possible to play Fortune's Wheel solo for ad hoc games created on the fly.

The system is generic so you can use it as an alternate way to play classic games like Dungeons and Dragons, your own game worlds (and you can use the system to create them as well) or one of the game worlds we will be making available especially for Fortune's Wheel.



These are currently still in development - the first of these planned is 'Witching Tales' that will expand on the information in the core book. We will then roll out the other games worlds as and when we can.
We want these worlds to be as immersive as possible and plan these to be really detailed world books, lavishly illustrated with a lot of in depth information that can really bring a game to life.


This is the core setting for Fortune's Wheel.

A seemingly idyllic section of English countryside has been magically hidden for centuries in a fold in space. Cradled within is a gate to the fountain of creation itself, the Erebus, which infects peoples dreams and gives birth to their greatest hopes and darkest nightmares.

Following on from the fragments of in the Quickstart PDF of the story of 'Icarus' players can explore the mysterious 'Witching Fold' and its inhabitants, along with the various secret societies, terrifying monsters and numerous plots and conspiracies to be found there.

Inspiration for the setting is found in the work of Tim Powers (with a nod to Roger Zelazny along the way) assuming he met H.P.Lovecraft on a dark night on the coast of Devon. That they discussed Arthurian legends over a cream tea that was laced with a mysterious poison that bought their nightmares to life, and unearthed a centuries old conspiracy concerning myths and legends, the creation of the universe, fallen angels, faeries and alchemy.

What do fallen angels and Faeries have to do with a hidden part of the English countryside, Arthurian romance and the Tarot? There is only one way to really find out - play the game!


Fantasy-Sci-Fi. Ironfall is a pseudo-medieval setting in a distant world in the far future reminiscent of classic book series such as Gene Wolfe's 'books of the New Sun', Robert Silverberg's 'Maijapoor Chronicles', Andre Norton's 'Witchworld' and Katherine Kurt's 'Deryni' books.

Following a war with the original inhabitants of the planet, colonists of an alien world lost access to the massive colony bioships that held the supplies, technology and knowledge they needed. One ship, 'Silence' broke contact and still orbits the planet of Ironfall as a second moon, another, 'Sorrow' went insane and crashed. The twisted remnants of it's crew now bioengineer monsters in a dark parody of their original mission. The third bioship, 'Hope' was lost.

Centuries later those who escaped the bioship 'Sorrow' have established a society ruled by a powerful feudal theocracy in the land of Fashven. As the remnants of salvaged and seemingly magical bio-technology start to fail them the colony is riven by factions and heresies and are increasingly struggling to battle the abominations still being spawned by Sorrow's servants. Those following the story of Icarus can attempt to thwart the plans of a servant of Nemesis to build a secret army to assault those trying to protect our world.



Clockpunk. With faerie dust. Adventures as part of an immortal Queen Elizabeth I's royal secret service. Gear up in ornate clockwork mechas and seek out the numerous enemies of the realm. Investigate the many nefarious plots afoot in fair Albion and uncover the mysteries of the enchanted queens alliance with sinister and mysterious powers.

Gaining the trust of some of this worlds inhabitants could be key to helping Icarus and uncovering his fate. The realm of Chymes could also be the key to discovering the identity of the founder of the sinister group known as the Cabal.

Moorcock's 'Gloriana' meets Ian R. MacLeod's 'The Lght Ages' and Susanna Clarke's 'Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell' gone all clockpunk.


As well as creating various world books we have several Fortune's Wheel game books planned - starting with the Fortune's Wheel system book that goes deeper into playing the game than the quickstart can and adds more advanced tools for play.


PDF versions of the various game books will be avaliable through Drivethrurpg.


Print on Demand versions of the PDFs are planned to be released through Drivethrurpg. There are also plans to create some custom Tarot decks.


An app for playing the game without needing a physical deck of tarot cards is something we are looking into. If that is we can get one created that is up to the job

Demo Videos

We have some demo videos showing some of the ways to play the game at the designers youtube site


You can get Fortune's Wheel T-shirts, art prints, phone and tablet skins, mugs and bags etc at Hybridartifacts Redbubble store

Art from the game

Check out some of the artwork for Fortune's Wheel

The art you will see in the Quickstart PDF and in the finished game will mostly be created by Hybridartifacts and Winggleam. We are also using some public domain art from for the sampler, though as we create more original art for the game many of those images will either be updated or replaced. Some of the artwork here is still work in progress at the moment. Various books, pamphlets and ephemera have been published over the years in Witching and we will be including samples of some of these for the game. As well providing some local colour they might also include some important game information for the more perceptive players to spot.
Click on your 'ticket to adventure' to see some of the art for the game!



Updates and Ramblings can be found on our Facebook page for the game. Just 'like' the Facebook page to get updates.through Facebook. We also have a blog where we post updates and general ramblings about rpgs and anything else that strikes us as noteworthy.

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We are a husband and wife indie game development team. There is no big corporate entity funding us and we get by as best we can with our various creative projects. We depend totally on the support of people who like what we do and want to see us create more. When we are not creating games we create all sorts of art, write fiction, play games, watch other people play games, travel when we can and take lots of photographs (handy for the art).


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The creator of the Fortune's Wheel creative game and story system as well as a lot of the artwork. He has been playing rpgs ever since the first copies of Dungeons and Dragons began to arrive in England.


The layout design and typography brains of the team. She is also a talented artist.


Yes, yes, we know he is a Puffin wearing a Napoleonic hat. He is the web mascot for this site and Hybridartifacts current artistic muse. Slightly short sighted and occasionally grumpy and demanding he has also proved himself to be a steadfast friend.


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